2022/02/05 静岡県の各自治体のサイトのβ版を公開しました。


Urban plan will not work as well "as before". Have you ever imagined what the area you live in will be in the future? It is said that in the near future, Japan will have experienced an era of population decline. "Cities" in which we live is also expected to change accordingly. It is necessary to reflect the evaluation from the perspective of the citizens in a planning phase in order to create an effective plan. In order to do so, it is important for us to know how the area where you live will change in the near future. MY CITY FORECAST visualizes the environments of residential areas from 2015 to 2040 based on the current population distribution / facility placement data. Also, it shows how the citizen's living environment will change when an urban structure is changed based on a different plan in the future through 14 indicators by a simple simulation. When you decide where to live, what do you think find attractive in an area? What kind of city do you want to live in the future? This system could become a tool that will give you a chance to answer to those questions.